You know you want to know….

about me!!!  OK, Maybe you didn’t, but you are here now so humor me would ya? Jeez!


Name: Alicia


Hometown: Kenosha, WI


Random factoids about me:


  1. I am an ordained minister (ok it was from the internet but I can still marry people!)
  2. I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy (I laugh at fart jokes)
  3. I am as single as the day is long (I am currently interviewing for the position of boyfriend)
  4. I am a Libra
  5. I am an INFP (brownie points if you know what that means)
  6. I am a student studying psychology, well I will be once my pre-reqs are done…
  7. I am a Dork! Yep I admit it. A Random, goofy, dork – that’s me! I ❤ nerds, dorks, geeks 🙂 (and not just because it’s ‘cool’ now thankyouverymuch!)
  8. Allergic to roses

Favorite Color: Blue, no, Red. Oh hell, it depends on my mood I guess.




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