More precious than gold

Today I had the honor of getting to see three very special kids.  They are the children of my ex-fiance and they mean the world to me. After being given the run around by their father about me seeing them for what is probably the last time, I never gave up and saw them today. The oldest daughter, Lea, gave me a letter that is the most meaningful thing I now own.

I want to share it here: a letter from my heart aka Lea (12yo)

Dear Alicia,

I always will try to remember you and keep you in my heart always.  I hope you will always do the same.

I always cry before I even get up in the morning because I know that it’s going to be another day that I have to live with the fact that dad made the lousiest mistake of our life, breaking up with you.

You were also really nice and I hope that we get to at least Skype, just you and me, as much as we can cuz that would just make me feel good and happy knowing that you still love me and care about me.

So all I want to say is thanks for all the great things you have done in my life.

With great thanks and love,

PS I LOVE YOU (and I hope you give me Duke)

I leave a big part of my heart here in Texas and most of it is with Lea, Ana, and Brian.  I hope they know I do still love and care about them and would still do anything in my power to make them happy.


~ by phoenix924 on November 20, 2011.

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