Happy/ Funny Memories – Texas Edition

These are some of the things I will look back on when I am gone to make me smile.  
I love Texas and enjoyed being here.  
If I missed any, please feel free to leave a comment and add to the list.  
That would be wonderful.
  •  BACAAAAWWWWWKKKK (inside joke – my blog I do what I want 😉 )
  •  General silliness w/ Nate – Stewart from MADtv “Look what I can do!” etc…
  •  Random, out of nowhere anything – co-worker, who is usually quiet, starts singing Lady GaGa – Michael!
  •  OH. MY. GAWD. BECKY. – Maggie, you know you laughed 🙂
  •  My awesome work family – from the rivalry with KMac (Bears fan, almost kicking me out of the patrol car my first day) to riding out with Anita to help return stolen property to a couple from WI after I took the 911 call.
  •  Running around downtown so a friend could touch the fertility statues at Ripley’s and they were closed.
  •  Getting my first Commendation at work from one of THE toughest officers there is in our department.  He is my favorite one to this day.
  • My record-length first date – lasted from noon to 5 am 🙂 all totally innocent and still one of the better dates I have ever been on, Thanks Glenn.
  • Last minute road trips to Buc-ees

~ by phoenix924 on November 18, 2011.

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