Random Ramblings

     Ok so I have had A LOT of time alone lately and I have been thinking.  About of a lot of random stuff, mostly.  One of these random thoughts was actually coherent enough to form a blog post – I know, weird right? So I was thinking I would actually write it out. Now coming from a woman who has a not so stellar record in the relationship department, I have been thinking about what I am looking for etc…

     So here we go: Relationship stuff from a single woman (hey, that could catch on).

     When you start a new relationship, everything is new and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You are learning all sorts of things about your new man and they are learning (what you want them to know) about you.  You have someone to do things with, to make new memories, and maybe even start some inside jokes. Unfortunately, this does not last.  This is the honeymoon phase of a relationship.  It is the most intense and pleasurable part of a relationship and can last a few days to a few weeks (roughly – I’m no expert).  This is the time we are on our best behavior and put our best foot forward (most of the time); it is also the time when the base for a relationship is formed (enough cliche’s for ya?).

     Eventually it mellows out and real life sets in. Intense feelings mellow a bit, romantic gestures may become less frequent and in some cases stop.  This is when the real work begins.  Now, when I say work I do not mean forcing something to be what it is not.  Some relationships fall apart once the honeymoon is over.  I know this from experience.  That’s when you know it was not much more than the new-ness of a relationship.  In a true, meant-to-be relationship, there is communication and give and take.  There is also a part of the first phase that stays constant, if not to a lesser degree.

    When you see couples that have been together for a long time, be they married or not, there is something they do to keep it going.  Little things go a long way.  A call to say hi or that you were being thought of, buying your other half something just because they would like it. Yes, this may sound cheesy or mushy and so what.  Things like this make a person feel special.

     This is what I am waiting for.  I am no longer willing to settle or try to make something into what it isn’t.  I will wait as long as it takes, I have nothing but time.


~ by phoenix924 on November 16, 2011.

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