30 days of Gratitude Days 1 and 2

Ok so while not an original idea ( stole it from my sister’s best friend), I think I should pick one thing a day for 30 days that  I am thankful for.  Well, Since It is November 2, I will start with 2 to make up for yesterday. At the end of this I will be heading out to Wisconsin.  I need to start focusing on positives right now.

So here goes:

#1 – I am grateful for my Mom.  Even with all she has going on in her life she always tries to help her kids.  Whether it be something small  or something not so small like letting her 34 year old daughter move back home while she relocates from across the country.

#2 – My sister Becky.  She and I have not always seen eye to eye but when it comes to it, she is there for me.  I remember one time when we were kids, her best friend who lived across the street was picking on me and wouldn’t stop.  Becky threatened to punch her if she didn’t.  Now keep in mind, Becky usually sided with her friend :). She also offered to let my dog live with her when I move home, not knowing if or when I would be able to take him back from her.  That meant the world to me.  Thanks Beck.


~ by phoenix924 on November 3, 2011.

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