29 days

Well, I am officially under 30 days in the moving countdown.  I am just about ready to go.  I have a few things left to sell and  get through the next month of work and off I go.  I would probably already be gone if it wasn’t for the holiday pay I get in November (3 days worth adds up quick). I am seeing how little I really need possession wise.

I am trying not to slip into old patterns of alienating myself from friends to help with leaving.  It is not a healthy way of going about things.  I guess in my own world, if I start pulling back and not talking to those I am friends with while I am still here, it won’t be as bad when I go and I won’t miss them as much.  Who knows how my mind works.   I am realizing that there are some I will miss more than others and can now see who I consider real friends. It is amazing how many people come out of nowhere when they find out you are leaving when you barely existed to them before.  Makes you think.


~ by phoenix924 on November 1, 2011.

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