Charlie Brown day for Alicia

Just can’t seem to catch a break.  Had a good time yesterday at the wedding, got hit my a deer on the way home.  Yes, that is right,  I was hit by the deer, not the other way around.  Only I would get T-boned by a damn deer! Ok got through that (minimal damage – ok so maybe that was my one break), then today had plans to go to IKEA to get a bed I need  – don’t have one and have saved for it and my flipping wallet is MIA.  I swear it was in my purse when I got home.  So I have friends looking for it and hour away where the wedding was and I have ripped my house apart.  I hope it wasn’t taken by the people who came by to look at the couch.  I am starting to give up.  The one time I actually use a purse and wallet – I usually carry my id and cards in my pocket and leave the rest here, and this is what happens.  Well, never again.  UGH!


~ by phoenix924 on October 23, 2011.

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