yep, bad day all together

Been a rough day today.  Tried to start the lawn mower and felt a loud POP in my wrist followed by searing pain and still have some tenderness and weakness, migraine, and for some reason I was emotional most of the morning.  The dumbest thing set it off, too.  I realized I won’t be able to bring my favorite chair back with me.  I know, it sounds stupid, but it is my favorite piece of furniture and I would joke with people I would be buried in that chair.  I guess it was a way for me to feel at home no matter where it ended up, a security blanket if you will. So I will be selling it due to there not being enough room in the trailer I am renting to haul my stuff back.  I know it seems like such a small thing, but if you try and see it from my perspective, I am having to give up so much, all I want is something of mine that makes me feel comfortable and at “home”. It is depressing to think that I am only going to be able to bring as much as I can fit in a small 5×8 trailer and whatever fits in my SUV.  That isn’t much.  I guess I can save up for new furniture when I get a job so  when I do move out of Mom’s I can have something at least.  Positive spin: less to keep in storage, if I rent a room from someone I don’t have to worry about it fitting in with their stuff, possible IKEA trip, and that’s all I got.  I know they are just things, but like I have said before, they are mine.  Now I am nowhere near hoarder status, mind you, I just have certain things I am not willingly parting with.  But what can you do, right? So I will continue to sort and try and sell what I can. Whatever is left over the day I pack out will be donated to charity (that should help defer some of the taxes I know I will have to owe due to withdrawing my retirement fund to live on until I find a job).

So I shall end my day of feeling lost, lonely, hopeless, and all around crabby here.  Goodnight.


~ by phoenix924 on October 20, 2011.

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