6 Weeks To Go, the countdown continues…

Status update:  I am ready to go. I knew this would happen.  I would do almost everything pretty much right away then be stuck waiting.  I hate waiting.  It is not that am still 100% about leaving, although I am better about it, I just do not want to prolong the inevitable. I have the house taken care of, most of my stuff sold (or close to it),  90% of the packing done, trailer reserved, and motel room booked. The only thing I really need to do is sell the rest of my stuff I can’t take with for travel money and find a home for my dog still.  One of the people I work with said he would take him and find him a home if I can’t by the time I leave, which is a huge relief.

I have moments where I am sitting at work and find myself actually missing the place – while I am there.  It is weird. At almost the same time I find myself getting easily irritated with some of my coworkers (more than usual) and just want to leave right then and there.  It is the typical “2 week syndrome” but mines lasting 2 months.  Maybe i am getting short with others so I can distance myself and make leaving easier.  I do that sometimes. It’s normal, right? Someone tell me it is. Please?

Ok so here I am 6 weeks to yet another huge change in my life, another “rebirth” if you will.  Last time this happened was my divorce (well, ok maybe the split last year was up there too) and I got my first tattoo, a phoenix.  Well, I have been considering another one for a long time and have found one that just really fits my situation right now. Yep, you guessed it, another phoenix.  This time it is coming up out of the water as opposed to fire and we all know how I feel about water.  So hopefully in a few months I will have a job or enough money to get it.  A good friend of mine knows a good tattoo artist and maybe she can do it for me.


~ by phoenix924 on October 19, 2011.

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