Mawwwiage, It is what bwings us together

In about 6 days, one of the few people in this world I love and consider a best friend, Margie, is getting married.  She has found the one person in her life who makes her feel like she is walking on air and  without whom she can not imagine life without.  She has found what most of us dream of finding.

I could not be happier for her and am honored to say that she has asked me to perform the ceremony (see: You know you wanna know page).  There is one catch: it won’t be legal.  The reason for this is that Margie is marrying a woman, Kelley.  Now, I do not mean to get up on a soapbox or spout any political agenda, but I want to make my point of view seen/heard.

It makes no sense to me, that when there is to be a separation of church and state (another soapbox issue for another day perhaps) the “issue” of same-sex marriage is considered a moral/religious abomination.  If the church were really separate, this would not even come up.  Sure, people can have their own opinions, but how would the government justify not allowing two individuals join into one family and have the same benefits as any other couple due to their genders?  The usual answer is: “A marriage is to be between a woman and a man.”  Um, says who?  The answer usually given? “God.”  Right, sure. Uh huh.

In my opinion, the opportunity to marry should not be denied for any reason other than those of being underage and/or cognitive/mental capacity (yet another issue).  Basically, if you are straight, of legal age, and get the urge to marry, you can.  It does not matter if you have known the other person 10 years or 10 minutes, go ahead, get hitched! BUT if you happen to love a person who happens to have the same bits and bobs as you, no matter how long you have been together – the first couple to legally marry in NY were together 23 years- you are not allowed.   It drives me nuts, the inconsistencies.

So, as I step off of my little soapbox (a little one, it just showed up, I swear!), I wish Margie and Kelley all the best and hope one day they will be able to make their union legal.  If that happens, I will be the first one there to congratulate them.  


~ by phoenix924 on October 16, 2011.

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