There comes a time (or times) in a person’s life where decisions need to be made that will change everything in their world.  Everything they new will no longer be there and they have to start again.

I am almost there.  I am scared I will not make the right decision.  I am worried that I will choose something that would make things worse. Right now I am about to face one of these huge life changing decisions in just a few weeks.  I am just waiting to see if one piece of a puzzle shows up or not. If not, I start a new puzzle, a new life, new everything almost.

I am not yet at the actual crossroads, and there may be an alternate route that I am not aware of that may appear when I am ready to see it. I will try to remain calm and not over think (good luck with that). Someone please keep reminding me it will all work the way it is supposed to…


~ by phoenix924 on September 25, 2011.

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