Open Letter

To the man of my (realistic) dreams:

We have not yet met, or maybe we have and I do not know yet, but I wanted you to know how I feel.

I pretty sure you are not going to show up and sweep me off my feet. I am pretty sure you are not going to save me from all of the evil in the world like Superman and Lois Lane.  That is ok with me (although the sweeping off my feet sounds kind of nice).

All I ask is that you treat me well and never make me feel bad for feeling they way I do.  I ask that you have the ability to communicate with me, even when you do not feel like it will do any good, please try. I ask that if you tell me something, you mean it and can follow through. I know you will be honest with me and never knowingly do anything to cause me pain. I have flaws and know you do as well.

 I will love you because of your flaws and not in spite of them.  Imperfections are what make us more perfect for each other. Our pasts have made us the people we are today, the people who are right for each other.

Our lives will be full of hugs, kisses, silliness and laughter. Starting each day together and ending each night in each other’s arms.  If you can do these things for and with me, you will get the same in return.  I will be thankful for every moment I spend with you.  Grateful for every memory and experience. Looking forward to many more.  Growing old, hand in hand, yelling at kids to get off of our lawn from our rocking chairs on the front porch.


~ by phoenix924 on September 15, 2011.

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