It takes all kinds I guess

So I was bored and feeling like especially loser-like so I decided to look at the personals on craigslist for a laugh and to see that I am not that bad off.  I cannot believe what I see on some of these ads.  Now, the men looking for women (m4w) ads do not surprise me.  I would have to say at least 90% are looking for sex – big shocker.  But the women looking for men (w4m)? WOW. I just saw an ad for a girl looking to lose her virginity. Yep that is how I always imagined that, with some random guy from online.  Classy!!

You have all types in the world and for some reason craigslist brings out the freaks. You have married people looking for “discreet” friends as well as men and women looking for “friends with benefits” (ew). To each his own I guess.  In the w4m there are a lot of ads from younger girls , 19 – 25, that show just how shallow people are at that age “I prefer white guys but mexicans will do if your cute. Tall and skinny, nerdy skater ish rocker type is what I like the most”. Yep, that is exactly what a good relationship is about – looks.  I admit, looks play a part.  You do have to have some level of attraction but nowhere in this particular ad does she mention anything else.  Ah to be a naive 19 year old again – no thanks.  

 It seems almost all of the men posting are looking for the same woman.  She is tall, skinny, loves the Cowboys and the Spurs (ick and ick) with no kids.  Ok, really? This is San Antonio.  Home of the big girl. I know this, I am one of them. Dream on or come to reality.  Guys, if you are over 300 pounds and unemployed, good luck finding that woman I just described.  Sure, the fit guys may find one or two, but most of the time he acts like an ass or she is a total bitch. But like I said, to each his own. 

Then there are those that out and out tell you: I WANT A SUGAR DADDY/ MOMMA.  I wonder how many times that works out. Because I am sure tons of rich people troll craigslist searching for for people to mooch off of them.  It is crazy to me. 

If this is what is out there, I am better off staying single.


~ by phoenix924 on September 8, 2011.

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