The power of touch.

A touch. A hug. A hand on your shoulder. Human contact. It has been said that humans need, not just want, physical contact.

For instance, consider a newborn baby. If a child receives little to no physical contact they develop a failure to thrive.  This says a lot for the power of a touch. Newborns and preemies do so much better when held, caressed, and cuddled. So who is to say that we as adults do not get the same benefits from touch?

So much can be conveyed through touch.  A hand gently stroking a cheek, the squeeze of a hand as it holds another, a hug when a friend is hurting. Sometimes words can not convey what these actions can.  The intimacy and caring felt just is indescribable, but once you feel it, you just know. There is no denying it.

Sometimes we just need a hug or to be held.  You can feel it in your entire body.  A dull ache of sorts that makes you feel like something is missing.  When you do get that contact, you can feel the stress and worries melt away, even for a short time.  People in relationships or those with children are lucky that they can have this contact on a regular basis, a built in cuddle buddy. For those people without that, you learn to appreciate every connection you can make.

Yes, I miss this.  I look forward to the day where I do not have to ache anymore.


~ by phoenix924 on September 2, 2011.

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