Conference: Day Two

I’m pooped out.  Last night I did not sleep very well and ended up getting out of bed a little before 5 am.  No Bueno. On the up side of that, I did get to see the sun come up while drinking coffee on the balcony.  I ended up missing the breakfast they had for everyone but that is ok, it did not look that good.

I took a few classes today and learned some very interesting stuff about what is to come for the future of 911.  They are actually testing new technology to allow people to text to 911. That is great news for deaf and hard of hearing people, people in dangerous situations where if they make a noise or talk they could be hurt (home invasions, robberies, etc).  It should be interesting to see it when it happens. There are a lot of possibilities coming up and if they get put into place, it should be pretty freaking cool.

So now I am in my room, relaxing.  I am tired as all get out.  I may take a nap before I go and find something for dinner.  I am thinking steak.  Ribeye to be exact. heck, I am not paying for it – yay per diems!  I did find someone here I know so it is nice to not have to look like a loner all day.

Another perk of conferences: FREE STUFF!!!


~ by phoenix924 on August 22, 2011.

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