As you may remember, I am currently in search of a new person to rent a room from me to help pay the bills. Well, the search is not panning out too well as of yet.  I have one person interested in the place but there is one catch, she has a 6 year old son. I am not counting her out yet.  It all depends on how she is as well as how her boy acts.  I am planning on meeting them on Saturday to show her the room.

I do have my concerns.  I am concerned about how he will treat my animals.  I really don’t need him harassing my dog, and heaven forbid, my dog bite him (which he has only done once – but to be fair, the kid did not stop poking at his face when told to). I also am worried about my stuff.  This may sound horrible, but I do not have many things, but what I do have I worked hard for and do not want messed up. OK, so maybe I do sound like a meanie.

If things go alright when she comes by, I will possibly rent her the room; I really need to see what kind of feeling I get.  I will do a 6 month lease and go from there.

 I really do not want to find another person to rent from me.  I am tired of feeling like I have a revolving door on my house.  I am wanting to be stable in that aspect right now. In the last 2 years, I have had 3 roommates and a boyfriend live with me.

 The first renter ended up being a drug user, so he was out.  Then the boyfriend moved in, stayed a few months and left.  Then I lucked out and someone I got along with answered my ad and worked out great – until he got a girlfriend and moved out.  Then finally there was My friend. I offered her the room so she could move back to Texas from Colorado.  I thought she would be here for a while.  I really hoped she would be.  Well, she found someone and is now gone.  She originally was not going to move out until October, but told me this past weekend she will be out by Friday. I have been alone in the house all week.

I have been thinking about a “plan B” of sorts as well.  If all else fails, and I am unable to find someone to rent the room and I get desparate, I will rent out the house ( I know someone who is looking for a rent-to-own situation) and move back to Wisconsin.  I really am hoping I do not have to, but it may be the only option I have.  If that happens, I lose my house, my job I have had for almost 5 years now, the few friends I have down here (and lose any relationship I may have been starting), and I have to deal with snow again.  Oh yeah, and live with my mother, in her basement, with no door. Oh joy.

The though of leaving Texas kills me.  Just thinking about it makes me cry.


~ by phoenix924 on August 11, 2011.

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