What do women really want? We don’t even know. (Sorry guys)

If you were to Google “what do women want”, you would get a lot of sites.  Some pretty true, some trying to sell you something, and some not even close.  There was one passage I read that stated; ” Both women and men want the same thing, to be admired by the one they love.” AMEN! I have to agree with this 100%.  But what does being admired look like? Do we all have different ideas or visions of what it is to be admired?

I believe that like for most things, what women want (or think they want) varies, but has a common thread for all. The top components are respect, communication, romance,  and sense of humor.  At least that is what they are for me.  There are variations, of course, like some women do not like the romantic stuff. They can do without the flowers and candles.  I am not one of those women.  I do not need fancy displays for it to be considered romantic.  I prefer little gestures.  Calling me/leaving little notes to say you were thinking of me has to be in my top 3, if not #1 spot for romantic things.  The other ones in there are, and this may sound silly, but doing something for me I hate doing – car maintenance, let me come home to a clean house, lawn care, etc.. and making time in your day for me. Now, I am a pretty affectionate person, so I guess and honorable mention would be someone who is affectionate as well.  Hold my hand, it won’t kill ya! Jeez LOL

Now I mentioned earlier that women may not know what they want, but instead, have a general idea.  The smart ones know what they want and which ones on the list are mandatory and which are negotiable and stick to their guns.  I actually have made a list of what I would like and what I must have, and it surprised me.  It was not as long as it has been in the past.  I think every woman and man should make a list like this and see where they can compromise and where they can’t.  (Leaving out the physical attributes, that’s a whole other story)

I think an easier question to answer is: “What do we not want?” With each failed relationship we have, we learn more about who we are and what we will, and will not, tolerate from a partner/relationship.  This shapes what we think we want from a relationship.  I have had all types of relationships – good, bad, and ugly- each one giving me insight into what I need vs. what I want.  I believe that someday I will get the most important ones from my list and I won’t settle unless I do.  Until then, I continue to enjoy the journey of finding someone I can feel like me around and who can feel like himself around me.  Flaws and all.


~ by phoenix924 on August 10, 2011.

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