Relationship inventory

As a follow up to my earlier post about what women want, I thought I would take a minute and actually write down what I want/think I want/ think would be cool to have in a relationship. (These are also things I offer in a relationship as well, I do not expect more than I can give.)

Starting with the must haves:

  • RESPECT – do I need to explain why?
  • Communication – I do not read minds, nor do I expect you to. 
  • Affection – Hold my hand, hug me, kiss me, it’s all good.
  • Trust/Loyalty – again, must I explain why?
  • Some form of communication daily – a text, a call, a note – let me know I am on your mind.
And now the nice-to-haves:
  • Romance – flowers, candles, carriage ride downtown, you know, stuff that makes my friends go “awwww” and give their other halves dirty looks for not doing stuff like that 🙂
My list used to be much longer in the past, and I am sure as I go along there will be some changes made.  As I have grown up and been through relationships, I learned what is truly important and what is just fluff.  I believe that on some level we all want the “classic TV relationship” like June and Ward Cleaver, but know that it is not a realistic goal to set.  Realistic being the key word.  As long as you stay realistic, you won’t set yourself up for failure.  
Now, all you single girls out there: Get started on your lists! Keep focused on what is best for YOU and you will be alright – we will be alright.

~ by phoenix924 on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “Relationship inventory”

  1. I never wanted the Cleaver household – I just decided to follow my heart. Lucky for me I ended up with it but tops on my list was not to forget my own sense of self. It happens – we as women change our names, and we become so-and-so's wife and “their” mom, but along the line we forget ourselves. Eff that. I'm Kate first and foremost – and being my best self enables me to take on the roles of wife and mom in the best way possible for them. My husband is awesome because he knows I need my independence. In return, I'm really mindful of what I ask of him in that arena and I give him his time in return.
    I think I'd add something to that effect to my list. 🙂

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