Infectious attitudes.

It is amazing to me how one negative person can infect everyone else’s mood and attitude.  I work with a few people that no matter what happens, they are negative.  I can understand if you are burnt out – I burn out on average every few months- and I am no angel when it comes to this.  I have had my negative, the whole world can go to hell moments.  We all have.  I have tried to not do this anymore. I have tried to catch myself.  But doing this and being around a negative person is like being an alcoholic near an open bar. It can be a set up for a “relapse”.

Even in the past week or so when I have had my not so happy moments, I tried to not be negative.  Granted, this made me not say much to anyone, but I really tried to not yell or snap at people.  OK so I did a few times but the DirecTv guy had it coming.

If you are burnt out, take a day or two off.  Regroup, relax, forget about this place for a while.  If you really hate being here and have already mentally checked out, leave.  Easier said than done sometimes, but sometimes is necessary.

 I have this one coworker that does not hide the fact he does not want to be in here as a dispatcher.  He wants to be a cop.  He is going through the academy and is about halfway through.  He yells at callers, snaps at everybody, and is a general pain sometimes.  I used to enjoy working with him, and though he is OK some days, he drives me nuts.  I try to separate myself from the negativity he spews and usually end up turning my back and keeping busy.  He has stopped helping us (his partners) out when we get busy and swamped, and just stopped being a team player.  He gets an attitude if an officer asks him to do something (honestly, we all do sometimes) and thinks he knows everything.  I trained this person.  I know what he knows and what he was taught.  Now I am not villianizing him, or trying to.  He is not the only one who is like this. I am simply using him as an example of a negative attitude at work.

Listening to this day in and day out, you get tired.  You find yourself slipping into a negative mode.  If you do not catch yourself and make a conscious effort to stay (somewhat) positive, you will be sucked into this negativity.


~ by phoenix924 on August 3, 2011.

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