Where to find people to date when all you see are cops and criminals.

I work at a police department.  The only men I meet are Fire Fighters, Police officers, and the occasional criminal.  None of the above are good dating material for me. Which raises the question of where do I go to meet people?  Well, you could meet people at bars, but I am not much of a drinker nor do I really think my Mr. Right is hanging out there waiting for me.  I decided to give online dating a go once again. After all, that is where I met T and we all know how that worked out.  OK, I know.  I am not they type of person to count something out just because it did not work out for me 100%.  I am a glutton for punishment that way.  So I get a friend on board and we sign up for a few sites.  One is a paid site that is heavily advertised on TV and the other one is a free site, just to see who/what is out there.

 First month – nothing other than a few gross “offers”. Not off to such a great start. Month #2:  friend meets the love of her life and has never been happier – yay for here, not so yay for me.  I get the occasional “wink” or “hey baby” email and went on a few dates with some not so great guys and one or two really nice ones.  Of course I do not see the not so great ones again and find a way to screw it up with the really nice ones.  I am still friends with one of the guys, I shall call him FF.  I dated him for a few weeks in January, and really had a good time with him, even though I almost did not give him a second chance as our first date was a bit awkward and he was very shy and reserved (both of which I am not).  I admittedly got scared when feelings came into play and ran for the hills.

About the time I met FF, I was also talking to a man I will call B.  B fascinated me with all he had done up to this point in his life.  I liked listening to his stories and we had one date that, although we froze our butts off, was very nice.  I lost contact with B, partially due to dating FF at the time and not knowing if he would even want to talk to me again after telling him I would like to have a second date then changing my mind (we have since started talking again).  As you may be able to tell, I am not very good at this whole dating thing.  But I plug on, ever the optimist. Month #3: more of the same.  Talked to a few men, never heard from most of them again once they “discovered” I was not a skinny thing.. This floors me since I clearly state on my profile “full-figured” and have a full body picture, but hey  what do I know? Their loss, is what I tell myself. One day I may actually start believing that.

Fast forward to about a week ago.  Another one who I was really clicking with goes *POOF* and disappears without warning.  So I tell myself that I am going to look ONE MORE TIME and if nothing, then my profile will sit there and they can find me.  Right after that, I see G. he is a bit younger than I am  ( I usually go for older guys) and seems nice, if not a little quiet and shy.. I think, what the hell, I will email him and introduce myself. Lo and behold I get an email back! Right away  even!  We talked/chatted for a while that night and exchanged phone numbers.  Cool, someone to talk to and see where it goes.  Works for me.   We seemed to hit it off pretty well, but there will be no decisions made before their time.

 Well, that brings me to now.  What is to come? We shall see.  Stay tuned…


~ by phoenix924 on July 21, 2011.

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